Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wine Bars

Jen is a huge fan of wine bars and we go to wine bars often on dates. Below are some of the bars we have visited and my personal 2 cents.
Uncorked Great bar that overlooks downtown. 1 block east of I-35. They often have live music and events. $$$

Mulberry - in the bottom of the 360 condos downtown. Jen and I sat in the corner of the bar and had a great view of the chefs preparing food. Kind of like a live version of Top Chef. Really small and quaint. May only fit 25 people in it. $$

Vino Vino nice wine bar on Guadalupe. Have very reasonably priced bottles and a couple appetizers. Every time I have been it has been really crowded. $

House Wine Next to P Terry's on Lamar. Wine bar that use to be a house. Intimate setting. They also always have pitchers of white and red sangria available. Think of original Kerby Lane atmosphere. Plus they have a tasting class on Tuesdays. $$

Apothecary Off Burnet Rd. We went there on a night it snowed in Austin (which is rare). Basically had the place to ourselves. The wine was good and they had comfortable chairs to sit at. $$

The Grove In Westlake blocks from Jen's work. She goes there almost weekly. They have great Pizzas and nice outdoor Patio with huge tree. $$$

Fion Wine bar in Steiner Ranch. A cross between gas station and elegant wine bar. Plus they have a huge cigar selection. $$$

Whip-In Very Austin wine bar. Right off I-35 and pulling up you would think it is a gas station/Planet K store. Inside there are tables, a wide assortment of wines & beer, and a bar. $

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